Sanic (Asynchronous Web Framework for Python)

 Sanic Framework

Why Sanic?

  • Simple
  • Lightweight
  • Performant
  • Scalable
  • Production Ready


Sanic is a Python 3.7+ web server and web framework that’s written to go fast. It allows the usage of the async/await syntax added in Python 3.5, which makes your code non-blocking and speedy.


What is Sanic?

First things first, before you jump in the water, you should know that Sanic is different than other frameworks.

Right there in that first sentence, there is a huge mistake because Sanic is both a framework and a web server. In the deployment section, we will talk a little bit more about this.

But, remember, out-of-the-box Sanic comes with everything you need to write, deploy, and scale a production-grade web application.


To provide a simple way to get up and running a highly performant HTTP server that is easy to build, to expand, and ultimately to scale.


  • Built-in fast webserver
  • Production-ready
  • Highly scalable
  • ASGI compliant
  • Simple and intuitive API design
  • By the community, for the community


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